Install A Finger Print Time Attendance System

Install A Finger Print Time Attendance System
Name: Ng Ian Ouii
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F22 oiTAS is the most advanced biometric device for time attendance purposes with high quality optical sensor which can read even dirty & oily fingerprints.

Biometric Attendance System
While alighting at the job site, the workers can do the clocking to the machine for attendance.

This model biometric reader comes with reliable optical sensor and strong Intel 32bit X-scale CPU. It has double-engine biometric identification arithmetic technology which supports 360 degree rotation identification.

Up to 2 fingers per employee can be registered. While doing attendance the employee can use any on the finger to do clocking.

It takes about one second to verify the employee finger and the Date & time has been registered into the device.

If a particular employee all the finger damaged, then that employee can use PIN number for attendance purpose.

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